The Five Stone Tax Advisers’ Competitive Advantage

 General Property Tax Questions

The Five Stone Tax Advisers’ Competitive Advantage

Why should I hire Five Stone Tax Advisers instead of protesting myself or using a competitor?
average reduction net average savingssuccess rate

– Source: TCAD Certified Appraisal Roll 2010-2013

How much does Five Stone Tax Advisers charge for its service?
Five Stone Tax Advisers works on a contingency basis, only charging a fee when real savings are produced. Industry fees average 45%. Five Stone Tax Advisers’ service fee is only 40% of your tax savings. Better results and lower fees are truly a winning combination!

Do I have to sign up every year?
Consistent with the property tax representation industry, when you sign up with us, we represent your best interests every year. This ensures that you pay the lowest possible property taxes every year, with no hassle required on your part. We will provide regular communication regarding the status of your property tax protest. It really is that easy!

Where and how do I sign up?
Five Stone Tax Advisers has the easiest online signup process in the business. Click on the “Sign Up Today” link, enter some quick contact information, and we do the rest.

Can I sign up multiple properties?
Yes. Our simple online signup form allows you to easily register up to four properties. Please call us directly if you require representation for more than four properties.

General Property Tax Questions

When is the deadline for filing a property tax protest?
The protest deadline for most owners of real property in Travis County and Williamson County is May 31st.

Should I protest my property’s appraised value?
You should protest every year. By not protesting, you are missing an opportunity to save money.

How does Travis County determine property values?
The Travis Central Appraisal District and Williamson Central Appraisal District use mass appraisal techniques to value your property. These techniques often result in one or both of the following:

1. A value that does not represent your property’s market value
2. A value that is not equitable to other, similar properties will work tirelessly to lower

Five Stone Tax Advisers will lower your property taxes in either of these scenarios.

What is the process to protest my property taxes if I decide to do it myself?

  1. File a written protest by the deadline
  2. Obtain and review available property data used by the appraisal district
  3. Obtain comparable sales and equity property data
  4. Use appraisal techniques to adjust vales of comparable properties
  5. Analyze all information received in order to prepare your protest
  6. Negotiate with government employees for hours or days

I think the appraisal district’s value for my property is low. Should I still appeal?
Our experts at Five Stone Tax Advisers can still save you money in this situation. There is no risk in trying to get a reduction. Never has one of our client’s property values increased due to an appeal.

My homestead property value increase was capped at 10% and the capped amount is acceptable to me. Should I still appeal?
Per the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts’ guidance, Texas property owners should definitely consider protesting in this scenario. Protesting your property taxes every year will lower the amount it can be potentially increased in future years.

My property taxes are paid by my mortgage lender through an escrow account. Why should I protest my property taxes?
When home buyers take out fixed-rate loans, they may not realize the amount they pay will sometimes fluctuate from year to year.  This is due to the escrow account.  As taxes change, so will escrow payments.  Most lenders run an analysis program each year to see whether a borrower’s payments need to be increased.  


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