Five Stone Tax is America’s trusted tax adviser, offering full-service tax solutions, with the goal of making sure all of our clients pay the lowest amount of taxes legally possible. Our amazing clients enable us to donate 30% of our time, talents and treasures (profits) to local and national charities.

  • International Compliance & Advisory — OVDP & FBAR attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents representing U.S. citizens with offshore accounts.
  • Tax Representation – Tax Representation services and legal representation for both IRS and State income tax problems nationwide.
  • Tax Preparation & Planning – Tax preparation and planning services, bookkeeping, financial and management reporting services nationwide.
  • Property Tax Representation – Texas Property Tax Consultants (Agents) providing property tax reduction services (Protests) in Central Texas.

Five Stone Tax Advisers Staff


We exist to Serve Others and be Good Stewards for Generations.



Our Vision is to
Protect, Preserve,
and Prepare
50,000 Clients for Financial Freedom


To reach our Vision and accomplish our Mission, we rely on our Values to guide us.

  • Love — You can't do life without Love, and as God's core value, it's our cornerstone.
  • Integrity — We commit to doing business honorably. Do the right thing.
  • Faith — As a faith-based firm, our clients trust us with serious financial and legal issues.
  • Excellence — We believe in being the best. Our promise is to produce the best possible outcome for our clients.

A Note from our President

While serving in the Marine Corps, I was taught two leadership principles:

  • accomplish the mission

  • take care of your people

I have retained these two leadership principles and integrated them into our company’s culture. To realize our Vision and accomplish our Mission everyone in our organization lives out our Core Values everyday.

We’d love to do LIFE with you. Let us serve you as a cornerstone to your financial foundation.

JP Krueger – President and Founder