A Property Tax Appeal Consultant Can Save You Money

As the holiday season approaches (and with both income and property tax seasons hot on its heels), many of us have started to think up ways to save cash and start funneling away funds. But in the midst of our busy lives, working, cleaning and caring for our families, finding places to cut corners is harder than many of us bargain for.

Fortunately, we’ve got a solution that can help – something that’s easy, hands-off and able to save you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars a year. It’s called a property tax appeal consultant.

If you own a property – a home, commercial real estate, rental properties or any other type of lands, a property tax appeal consultant can:

  1. Handle your property tax protest on your behalf. They’ll manage all the paperwork, represent you in hearings and handle the entire process, saving you days of valuable effort, energy and time. And as we all know, time is money!
  2. Get your property’s appraised value lowered. Because today’s market is so tight on inventory, high demand is driving up home and property values. This means your property is likely over-appraised and over-taxed. A consultant can get its appraised value lowered, subsequently reducing your tax burden in the process.
  3. Lower your neighbors’ appraised values, too. If your neighbors also sign-up, a property tax appeal consultant can work to protest their property taxes too. The lower their values are, the better chance yours will be, too.
  4. Do it all risk-free. Our consultants won’t ask you to pay hundreds of dollars just to handle your protest. You only pay if your protest is successful, meaning a property tax appeal consultant virtually pays for itself – or it’s free.

If you’re looking for a way to save money as we head into the New Year, consider giving your property taxes a look. Just fill out our quick, three-minute form, and a Five Stone property tax appeal consultant will handle your case.

Five Stone Tax
by Five Stone Tax

Five Stone Tax is America’s trusted tax adviser, offering full-service tax solutions with the goal of making sure all of our clients pay the lowest amount of taxes legally possible. As the most effective tax representation company in America, our team consists of the best Property Tax Consultants, Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents, case managers, and administrators in the industry.

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