How To Overcome Commercial Property Tax Issues

Travis County has become quite a popular location for business and industry in recent years. As a result, landowners are experiencing a spike in commercial property tax rates. The assessed value for commercial properties in the region rose an average of 16 percent for 2019. If you are a commercial property owner encountering runaway valuation and skyrocketing tax rates, a Five Stone Tax Advisers specialist can help you put on the brakes.

Business Personal Property Tax Rendition Reporting

One reason the appraised value of your business personal property can go up is inaccurate information on your tax rendition paperwork. Our specialists can prepare your report based on the most recent, accurate and verifiable data you provide.

We offer this service to ensure your business property tax is based on the actual value of your business personal property. This includes your office equipment, machinery, furniture, computer hardware and software, and any other property you have acquired for business use.

Another factor which affects the amount of tax you must pay is the way the county appraiser calculates depreciation on your assets. Often, the depreciated value assigned is too high. We can compare the depreciated value from the district to the current market value to determine if the numbers are accurate.

Often, we find the actual value of business assets is lower than what the tax district calculates. When this happens, we work with the assessment district to find an equitable resolution. Often, this translates into savings on your tax statement.

Also, if the April first deadline to file your business personal property tax report catches you unawares, you need qualified help right away. One of our specialists can streamline the process and make sure your paperwork gets in under the wire.

Commercial Property Tax Appeal Service

Travis County tax officials rely on a mass appraisal system. They bundle a number of similar parcels into groups for commercial property tax appraisal purposes. When your commercial land and facilities are bundled in this fashion, chances are good that your latest appraisal is not strictly accurate.

It may be the assessed value is too high. When this occurs, you have the right to appeal.

Our specialists are experienced in determining the fair and accurate tax value of a commercial property. They take into account the unique factors which affect its worth.

For example, it may be located in a less desirable part of town than the other properties in the bundle. Perhaps several other businesses moved elsewhere over the past year, leaving vacant buildings around your property, which could lower the value.

You can save time and stress by turning over such tasks as writing and filing your appeal in a timely fashion to a specialist who does this frequently.

We know who to speak with at the appraisal district, when to file and how to present your appeal. Our track record in resolving property tax issues for our clients speaks for itself. Many of the people we work have been with us in the long-term because they trust our consultants to get positive results.

Assessment Reviews of Appraisal District Values

It never hurts to get a second opinion. In fact, it can be very helpful to have a local property tax specialist go over your commercial assessment to determine whether an appeal is in order. Some of the items we evaluate include:
  • Whether your property value is equal to others in the same assessment bundle
  • If not, the reasons your property needs an individual evaluation
  • Any factors that lower the assessed value of your property
  • Whether the properties the tax district used as comps are truly comparable to your land/ facilities
If a specialist finds a reason to appeal your most recent assessment, the next step is preparing and filing your appeal. Our team of tax consultants are experienced in representing our clients in both informal and formal hearings which take place before the Appraisal Review Board to determine a fair assessed value for the commercial land in question. Even if you have already e-filed your protest with the Travis County Appraisal District, our tax specialists can still represent you at a formal hearing before the Appraisal Review Board. However, if you prefer to negotiate informally after filing an appeal, you must represent yourself. We are available to advise you behind the scenes.

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When it comes to business property and taxes, you need a tax adviser who puts your concerns at the forefront. At Five Stone Tax Advisers, our specialists don’t think twice about going the extra mile to ensure the best results possible. We are passionate about providing you with empathetic, client-focused representation which gets results. Get in touch with us today and learn more about how we can help you.

“Five Stone Tax has a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of the property tax appraisal process. The results they have achieved on several of our apartment complexes have exceeded expectations and we continue to come back to Five Stone Tax Advisers each year.” Terry Matheny, Apartment Portfolio Owner

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