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Concerned with Rising Property Taxes?

Get Commercial Property Tax Help Today

The impact on profitability makes it imperative to manage and mitigate your business property tax liability. Through passionate advocacy in business property tax management, compliance, and administrative challenges associated with taxable assets, Five Stone makes a positive impact by adding value to your bottom line.

In today’s competitive real estate market, business and commercial properties are routinely over-appraised by local appraisal districts who use mass appraisal.  

As Texas' fastest growing practice, our associates manage billions of dollars of our clients’ real and personal property, with an emphasis on commercial real estate. Five Stone's business property tax compliance processes and controls ensure complete and accurate reporting in accordance with Texas property tax regulations and tax law.

Five Stone's multi-disciplined consultants and valuation professionals provide results-oriented property tax appeal representation to a wide variety of business sectors with complex and unique properties to help reduce your property tax bills.

With the rapidly changing ownership and valuation of commercial real estate, opportunities exist for reducing your business property tax liability and streamlining administrative processes. A single-source solution to coordinate, consult, and advise ensures your organization pays no more than its fair share of property taxes. 

Five Stone's Commercial Property Tax Services

  • Business Personal Property Tax Rendition Reporting to ensure compliance with laws and penalty avoidance
  • Commercial Property Tax appeal services to ensure you don't pay more tax than you should, increasing the value of the property
  • Assessment Reviews or second opinions of appraisal district values in order to determine the best strategy to mitigate the tax burden

Five Stone's Brand Promise to Our Clients

Five Stone exists to make a positive impact in the lives of others.  Our goal is to produce the best possible outcome for the client while giving the client an amazing experience.  By exceeding our clients expectations both in terms of outcome and process, we're able to retain 95% of our clients each year. 

Why Five Stone?

  • Trust - Winner of the Recognize Good Ethics in Business Award
  • Value - Our clients pay 20% less than the industry average
  • Purpose - We donate 33% to charities and spend 300 hours annually serving the community

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