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How much does it cost?

We work on a contingency basis, paying for ourselves from the tax savings we generate. Our fee for Residential properties is 40% of tax savings achieved, and we don't bill for our services if a reduction was not achieved.  There is no administrative or minimum fee.  For Commercial properties, we have a highly competitive, tiered, contingency fee structure.  Call for details.

What counties do you work in?

We serve clients with Commercial Properties in all Texas counties.  We serve clients with Residential Properties in Central Texas (Travis, Williamson and Hays counties).

How do I sign up for the service? 

Simply fill out the registration form by following this link. There's no need to fax, mail, or email any files.

How can I find my Notice of Appraised Value?

Check out this article for step by step instructions for finding your notice online. 

Do you represent commercial properties?

Yes, we represent commercial properties all across Texas.  Our commercial fee structure is very competitive.  Call for details. 

Do you handle Business Personal Property renditions and protests? 

Yes! We file business personal property renditions as well as business personal property tax protests.

How much does commercial property tax representation cost? 

The fee structure for commercial property tax representation varies based on the specific needs of the client. Please contact us directly for your free quote at 512-833-5503.

When can I expect to hear back from you about the outcome? 

Each year, the protest schedule allows for cases to be heard starting in late-March, and hearings go through October. Depending on when your case is worked and a number of other factors, you can expect to hear from us anytime from late July to early November.

I already e-filed. Can I still hire you?

Yes. We can still represent you at a formal hearing. However, the terms change once you have e-filed. When you E-file, we lose the opportunity to represent you at an informal hearing. That only leaves us with the formal hearing to protest your case which affects the possibility of getting you the greatest reduction on your property taxes. If you do choose to enlist our service, there is either a $250 fee, or the 40% contingency fee, whichever is greater

My appraised value can only increase by 10% each year, right?

Appraised values can increase without limit as long as the Central Appraisal District feels that the increase is justified. If your property has a homestead exemption in place, then the amount you can be taxed on is limited to a 10% increase each year. This amount is known as your assessed value.

Can you help me put a homestead or over 65 exemption on my home?

Unfortunately, we do not handle exemptions of any kind. We suggest you contact your County Central Appraisal District directly for assistance with your exemptions.

When is the deadline to file a protest?

The deadline to file a property tax protest is 30 days after your Notice of Appraised Value is made available to you, or May 15th, whichever is later.

No changes have been made to my property, why am I appraised higher than last year?

"Location, Location, Location!!!" The real estate market in Austin is booming, to say the least. More and more people are moving to the city and the surrounding area, which has resulted in an increase in property values.

Doesn't reducing my appraised value mean I won't be able to sell my house for top dollar?

Reducing your appraised value will not affect your sale or list price. Think of your appraisal from the Central Appraisal District as an estimation of "taxable value" and not as what your property should be listed for. Remember, in Travis and Williamson County the Central Appraisal Districts use a mass appraisal system. This means they are unaware of the details about your property that may point to a higher or a lower value. In reality, many homebuyers will see a lower appraised value as a benefit since it means lower taxes for them.

Are there any approaching property tax deadlines that I should be aware of?

  • January 31st - Deadline to pay your tax bill and the deadline to file for Homestead and Over 65 exemptions to be applied to the previous year
  • April 15th - Deadline to file business personal property rendition (or an extension)
  • April 30th - Deadline to file annual exemption applications
  • May 15th - Deadline to file a property tax protest

How much will you charge me if you don't reduce my property taxes?

Nothing! There is no fee if we don't save you money. This means that our goals are completely aligned, if you don't save money, we don't send you a bill.

Do I have to sign up for property tax representation every year?

Our agreement contains a continuous representation clause. This means your contract will remain in effect until you cancel it. We will continue to protest every year on your behalf and send you a bill only if we reduce your property taxes for that year. You may cancel the agreement in writing any time prior to your hearing. 

I have questions about my invoice from Five Stone. Can you help?

Check out this blog post for FAQs about Five Stone's invoicing process. 


I pay my property taxes via an escrow account. How will I see the tax savings?

Check out this blog post for detailed information regarding tax savings with an escrow account.

Can the Appraisal District raise my appraised value in an informal hearing?

The likelihood of your appraised value increasing at an informal hearing is extremely rare, we would never agree to a value higher than the notice value.

Will someone from the Appraisal District come out to appraise my property?

Not likely. The Central Appraisal Districts in both Williamson and Travis County use mass appraisal techniques to instead of appraising properties individually, although they do occasionally conduct "field checks" in which they look into the characteristics of certain properties in person. If you do have an appraiser request to come on your property and do a field check, KINDLY request they leave and contact us. NEVER allow an appraiser to enter your home without Five Stone by your side.

Will a Consultant from Five Stone come out to inspect my property?

A consultant from Five Stone may contact you to ask specific questions about your property; however, only in extremely rare circumstances will a consultant inspect your property in person.