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Testimonials from Actual Five Stone Clients

"Great experience"

Contacted Five Stone via their website. Entered my info, the next thing I knew I saved on my property taxes. So simple. Never left the house. Great experience.

-Gregory | Austin, TX 

"I would recommend them"

The first year only one property was able to have its taxes reduced. But their service worked! The next year they were able to reduce taxes on both properties! It was easy, communication was pretty good, though not perfect, and the charge for their service seemed fair and reasonable. I would recommend them.

-Elaine | Austin, TX

"Helpful and Professional"

Five Stone Tax Advisers helped me to get my property valuation and thus taxes lowered quickly and painlessly. I live about 3 hours’ drive from the property I own and I am very thankful not to have to show up in person to protest the high values the district proposes. With their help I have one less thing to worry about!

-Sherrie | Victoria, TX

"Great job."

Five Stone Tax Advisers has been filing my property tax protests going on three years now. The first year, they got me a reduction on my property tax assessment. The second year, they investigated the assessment but were restricted by state policy on getting a reduction two years in a row. This is the third year, they have filed a protest on my behalf in a timely manner. I hope they can manage another assessment reduction.

They monitor filing dates, add required supplemental information and track the whole process. I think it is a good deal. I'll gladly pay them a small percentage of the property tax money they actually save me each year. They earn it.

-Paul | Pflugerville, TX

"The process was thoroughly explained."

Positive experience with results. I have recommended them to many of my client to help with Real Estate taxes. I would recommend them to you, too.

-Emma | Austin, TX

"Thanks for giving me back my peace of mind."

I've worked with John Paul and the Five Stone Tax team for the last 6 years. It's hard to say anything about them that hasn't already been said.
They are trustworthy, effective, and consummate professionals. When I first started working with Five Stone, I was a single guy getting into my first home and had no idea that reducing my property tax was even an option.
Now, years later, I'm married with 3 properties, and I still lean on John Paul and his team every year to take care of us. I happily refer this firm any and every chance I get.

-Seth | Austin, TX

"I could not be happier."

Being new to the homeownership game here in Austin, I was pretty surprised when my property taxes jumped up so much. My escrow was drained and I didn't know what to do about it. My friend recommended I check these guys out, and I'm glad he did. The submission process was surprisingly easy, and they were able to lower my taxes to the exact rate it was the year before when we purchased the property. Highly recommend these guys and will use them annually to help out as needed. Thanks!

-Jonathan | Austin, TX

"...helped me far beyond what I expected."

Super convenient, low-to-no risk way to help with property value assessment.

-Mike | Austin, TX

"A Christian organization that really cares."

 Painless for homeowner, good results. Great customer service.

-Suzanne | Austin, TX

"...best decision I have ever made."

Ease of use, hand it over, sit back and let you guys do your magic, price is worth it.

-Tod | Austin, TX

"Clear communication and saved me hours of time!"

Clear communication, do exactly what they said and saved me hours of time! I'm a mortgage loan originator and I have begun referring y'all to my clients.

-Denise | Austin, TX


You saved me money on my taxes, and I didn't have the hassle of going to the appraisal district myself. The district's officials seldom listen to me nor do they treat me with respect. I highly recommend Five Stone Tax!

-Doug | Austin, TX

"The whole process is seamless, the most painless way to protest."

The whole process is seamless. As an established customer, I have had Five Stone Tax Advisors protest my property tax for the last 5 or 6 years. Providing updated info is easy & I receive an email when the protest results are available. The fee I pay for this service is reasonable for the work performed. This is the most painless way of protesting your property tax.

-Melanie | Austin, TX 

"Great Services."

It is extremely easy using your service and your communication throughout the process each year is great!

-Rich | Austin, TX

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