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 What is tax resolution?

Tax resolution services, such as those offered here at Five Stone Tax Advisers, help taxpayers resolve outstanding tax issues with the Internal Revenue Service as well as state tax authorities. Resolution can come in many forms including affordable payment plans, lowering tax penalties, making offers to resolve outstanding tax debt, and filing amended tax returns if necessary.

How do tax resolution companies work?

Tax resolution specialists help you achieve the best possible outcome while minimizing the stress, which typifies the settlement of tax disputes. Once you delegate your dispute to them, they take it as their problem. Consequently, tax resolution specialists will speak with state and federal income tax agencies on your behalf in a professional manner you won't need to.

How much does tax resolution cost?

Our fees are based on the workload necessary to get you the best possible outcome for your tax resolution case. At the end of your consultation, you will know the flat fee associated with your case and the various payment options available to fulfill your fee.

What are my tax resolution options?

There are many options for resolving your tax debt with the IRS. Some of the most popular include:

  • Offer in Compromise / Fresh Start Program
  • Lien Removal
  • Levy Release
  • Installment Agreement
  • Penalty Abatement
  • Currently Non Collectible Status

What is the Tax resolution process?

The process of resolving a tax issue with the IRS takes, on average, 6-12 months from the time you turn in all necessary tax documentation. The exact timeline is dependent upon the amount of tax liability you are working to resolve, the IRS program that you’re applying for, potential appeals hearings, etc. Once you are a Five Stone client, your Case Administrator will be able to provide a narrower timeline for resolving your IRS debt.

How long will it take for my case to be resolved? 

We treat each client and case as an individual and customize our work to their needs. This means that no case has the same time frame, as it truly depends on each individual’s tax scenario.

How do I know if I qualify for a settlement?

The process to qualify for a tax debt settlement is dependent on your personal financial situation. To find out if you qualify, schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our tax consultants, and be prepared to answer questions regarding your monthly income and expenses, additional assets to your name, and your total tax liability.

What is the Fresh Start program?

The Fresh Start program, also known as the Offer in Compromise, allows a taxpayer to settle their tax debt for a portion of the full amount owed when proven that the taxpayer is experiencing a financial hardship. If accepted, the Offer eliminates all outstanding balances with the IRS and releases any potential liens placed against the taxpayer. 

What is the difference between a tax levy and a tax lien?

While both are collection tools used by the IRS, a tax lien and a tax levy are not interchangeable terms. A lien is a claim to a taxpayer’s property due to a tax debt, while a levy is the actual action of seizing a taxpayer’s property.

Can the IRS take my assets?

Without protection in place, the IRS is legally allowed to seize your property or wages due to an unpaid tax liability.

How long does it take for Five Stone to step in and communicate with the IRS for me?

As soon as you become a client of Five Stone, we immediately take over as your legal representation and provide immediate protection from IRS collection activities, including working to release any potential liens or levies placed against you.

Does the amount I owe the IRS matter when trying to qualify for an OIC?

When trying to qualify for an Offer in Compromise, the IRS considers your tax liability in respect to your monthly income and expenses. Qualification for the OIC program is never based on tax liability or monthly income alone. Our team of tax experts will ask you the necessary questions to consider all financial factors and increase your likelihood of being eligible for the Offer in Compromise program. 

Can you help me with my business payroll tax issues?

Yes. Five Stone represents business owners to resolve past and current payroll tax issues while laying a framework to help you keep your business open and compliant in the future.

Can you release bank or wage levies currently placed against me?

Depending on the date that the levy took place, it is possible and likely that our team of tax professionals can have your levy released, as well as prevent you from future collection activities.

I have a Revenue Officer assigned to my case. Can you still help me?

Absolutely! Once you become a client of Five Stone, your assigned Case Manager will begin working immediately with the Revenue Officer who has been assigned to your case. 

Do you have actual EA’s and Tax Attorneys who work on my case?

Our staff at Five Stone is made up of Tax Attorneys, EAs (Enrolled Agents), CPAs (Certified Public Accountants), and other tax professionals who know the ins and outs of the tax industry and tax code.

Are your EA’s and Tax Attorneys Five Stone employees or are they outsourced?

All of our Tax Attorneys, EAs, and CPAs are full-time Five Stone employees who are readily available by email, phone, or face to face meeting to answer any questions or concerns regarding your case.

How long will my consultation take?

Your consultation will take approximately 15-20 minutes, and can be done via phone call or face to face meeting in our North Austin office. 

What do I need to have prepared for my free consultation?

You do not need to have formal documents on hand for your consultation. However, you should be prepared to answer questions regarding your monthly income and expenses, any additional assets in your name, and as much detail about your current tax liability as possible.

What do I need to do right now so that the IRS will leave me alone?

Once you sign a limited Power of Attorney form, Five Stone can immediately protect you from the IRS and will begin acting as your legal representation.

I know that I have a tax liability, but I am also not up-to-date on filing my tax returns. Can you help me?

Yes. Five Stone is a full-service tax firm with an in-house CPA firm. Our tax resolution department works with our CPAs and tax preparers to make sure that we prepare and file all necessary tax returns prior to submitting your resolution case with the IRS. 

There are many options when it comes to tax resolution companies. Why should I choose Five Stone?

With a 90% success rate and a staff compiled of attorneys, EAs, and CPAs, Five Stone is the most successful tax resolution firm in the country. Aside from achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients, we also donate 33% of profits to global charities and serve hundreds of hours each year to local non-profits.