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Testimonials from Actual Five Stone Clients

Client's Total Liability: $92,591
Settled for: $100
Total Savings: $92,491

"Amazing... a true godsend..."

You guys were just amazing. You all were truly a godsend to me. It was just amazing to get a $92,591 tax debt settled for $100. I would, and will, refer anyone with tax problems to you. Thanks again, and God bless each of you at Five Stone. Everyone worked great with me. Thanks again!

-William | Dahlonega, Georgia

Client's Total Liability: $22,828
Settled for: $400
Total Savings: $22,428

"Five Stone came through with their promise."

After observing a series of TV advertisements on how to resolve IRS Tax issues, we decided to go with Five Stone. I had my doubts, but Five Stone did not only deliver, they came through with their promise of getting us the best settlement. Our tax liability was $22,000. However, Five Stone got us a settlement of only $400. Moreover, I am mostly impressed with the staff. They were there for us throughout the whole process. I strongly recommend Five Stone to anyone who is looking for a company that will work for their interest. Thank you, Five Stone.

-Anthony | Houston, Texas 

Client's Total Liability: $79,338
Settled for: $115
Total Savings: $79,223

"Completely trustworthy..."

The ad I heard on our local Christian station said Five Stone is a faith based business. What a relief it is to have a company in this field that is completely trustworthy. You did exactly what you said you would do and you never asked for one dollar more than your original quote to us. We are thrilled. $79,338 in tax that cleared for $115. Amazing.

-Dan | San Antonio, Texas

Client's Total Liability: $22,000
Settled for: $10
Total Savings: $21,990

"Great job."

 My wife and I owed the IRS a lot of money. Five Stone did a great job explaining the process of making an offer to the IRS. They took care of us like a true Christian company and helped us settle with the IRS. We owed the IRS almost $8,000 plus penalties and interest. We paid a $10 settlement to the IRS with no penalties or interest. Five Stone is the only company that I will send people to. Great job.

 -Barry | Tucson, Arizona

Client's Total Liability: $11,000
Settled for: $10
Total Savings: $10,990

"The process was thoroughly explained."

I came to Five Stone hoping and praying I had made the right choice. My initial contact was very in-depth. The process was thoroughly explained. It really set my mind at ease. As the process continued I became more comfortable in the fact that everything was being taken care of. Today I can say I went from owing the IRS over $11,000 to only $10. Thanks Five Stone!

-Leslie | Greensboro, North Carolina

Client's Total Liability: $17,515
Settled for: $50
Total Savings: $17,465

"Thanks for giving me back my piece of mind."

After 10 years I am finally free of debt to the IRS all thanks to Five Stone. The settlement was beyond my wildest expectations. It took a while, but was well worth the wait. Thanks for giving me back my piece of mind.

-Lauren | Laveen, Arizona

Client's Total Liability: $63,869
Settled for: $50
Total Savings: $63,819

"I could not be happier."

Five Stone Tax Advisers helped me more than I thought was ever possible. My original tax liability was a little over $63,000 and I just got the Offer In Compromise letter from the IRS that says the negotiated settlement is a whopping $50. What?! Yes, $50. Christine was great to work with and I couldn't be happier!

-Daniel | Round Rock, Texas

Client's Total Liability: $39,494
Settled for: $1,391
Total Savings: $38,103

"...helped me far beyond what I expected."

I would highly recommend Five Stone. I had been dealing with the IRS for many years and never found anyone who could help me without pulling me back into debt. Not only did they help me, they worked with me. Initially I owed the IRS about $30,000 and once they finished with everything, I settled for less than $3,000. I could never have done it without them and to have finally paid that debt off was a huge weight lifted. The people that I dealt with were very professional, caring, and they helped me far beyond what I expected. They kept me posted on every detail of my case. I give my thanks to them over and over and over and I feel like I was blessed to have come to know this company. The people at Five Stone are truly good, caring people and today it's hard to find people who care about their clients. 

-Briana | Atlanta, Georgia

Client's Total Liability: $80,990
Settled for: $100
Total Savings:  $80,890

"A Christian organization that really cares."

Five Stone Tax Advisers is a Christian organization that really cares. They stopped the IRS from levying our checking account and were able to negotiate an Offer in Compromise for less than 0.001% (yes 0.001%) of our tax liability. God Bless them!! If you want to get your life back on track, they are for you!!

-Carole | Austin, Texas

Client's Total Liability: $19,255
Settled for: $50
Total Savings: $19,205

"...best decision I have ever made."

For the past 5 years, I have carried a massive tax debt I would never be able to pay back. I heard about Five Stone on the radio and decided I should call. BEST decision I ever made. I admit, I was skeptical. I had sort of lost hope in it ever being resolved, but I thought I would give it a try. They are the REAL DEAL. In less time than expected, they negotiated my over $20,000 debt to $50. I still can't believe it! Without Dora Morales and the rest of the team, who knows how long and how much more this debt would have been with me. If you have a tax issue, give them a call! You will not regret it!

-Beth | Buda, Texas

"Helpful, knowledgeable, & considerate..."

I always felt that everything I asked was answered and everybody was helpful, knowledgeable, and considerate. No one else was even considered! After the first call, I felt at ease and comfortable. I was completely satisfied with the process. Everything I was told would happen, happened, and everything you said you would do was accomplished. 

-Five Stone Client

"Courtesy & professionalism."

I'm not sure what it says about our society when a letter bearing the initials IRS in the return address can reduce the average citizen to a field fearful quaking mess. At least that's what happened when I got mine! Thank God I found you guys! You took over and did exactly what you said you would do. Do you know how rare that is these days? Courtesy and professionalism are hard to come by these days. Thank you for yours and again God bless you.

-Harold | Baltimore, Maryland 

"My [Five Stone ] lawyer was a life-saver."

Amazing work and results from Five Stone. They saved me $37,500. I ended up paying only $400 instead of some $38,000. The staff was nice, informed, and very detail-oriented. They could see through my hundreds of stock and future transactions and find out what I did wrong and corrected it. I would say my lawyer was a life-saver.

-Malik | Glendale, Arizona

"We were treated with respect & dignity... handled with honesty & integrity..."

We have been completely satisfied. We would highly recommend Five Stone for any tax needs that you may have, be that great or small! We had not filed our taxes for over 10 years. We never meant for this to happen, but as two years went by, out of fear, it turned to 10. The IRS caught our attention when they put a lien on our home and sent us a bill for over $1 million. We were devastated. We did not know where or to whom to turn. We looked online and found Five Stone and noticed they were a company based on Christian principles. We were a bit leery due to the fact that they were in Texas and we were in Washington State, but after one phone call we knew that God had led us to the help we needed. Let us say we were treated with respect and dignity. Our problems were handled with honesty and integrity. In just a few short weeks 10 years of taxes were done, we only owed the IRS a few hundred dollars, and the lien was removed from our home. A huge burden was lifted from us. We have continued to use Five Stone for our tax needs and will continue to use them in the future. We highly recommend them for all your tax needs. And just a little footnote, you will not find anyone more reasonable as far as what they charge for their services.

-Five Stone Client

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