Audit Technique Guides

This is an essay on Audit Technique Guides, how they are used, and how they can benefit taxpayers.

Audit Technique Guides are particularly useful to tax practitioners because they provide a strong foundation when advising clients of audit risk and they point out common areas for mistakes, provide a brief but inclusive overview about typical business practices within a market segment, and are perpetually being updated and changed. This article will discuss these reasons and also provide a quick overview of the ATG for cash intensive businesses, which is one of the most widely used ATGs.

ATGs provide a quick but functional overview of typical business practices in an industry. This allows a practitioner to find out where people in a client’s industry make mistakes that affect their taxes. Common mistakes include keeping incomplete or unreliable books, records, or supplier lists; housing off-book inventory; using unorthodox methods of conducting business; and commingling business and personal funds.

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