Tax Planning & Consulting

Our tax planning team develops forward-looking tax plans that reduce your current taxes while strategically reducing your future tax liability as well. 

Do you want to pay the least amount of tax possible? With 74,608 pages of tax law that’s constantly changing, significant opportunity exists to lower your tax burden.  Unfortunately, the IRS estimates that 92% of filers pay more tax than legally required.   

In order to pay the least amount of tax possible, you must engage in forward looking, strategic tax planning, maximize your individual and business tax deductions/credits, and have the tax returns prepared correctly and filed timely.  

Forward-Looking, Strategic Tax Planning

Tax Planning is a service most clients leverage in order to lower their tax burden, avoid tax surprises, plan for future tax changes, and reduce the chance of being audited. It is the key to successfully and legally reducing your tax liability. Tax planning goes beyond tax compliance by proactively recommending tax savings strategies to maximize your after-tax income. Benefits include:  

  • Understanding how tax law changes impact you  
  • Lowering current year tax liability  
  • Reducing future tax liabilities  
  • Minimizing IRS audit risk  
  • Avoiding penalties and interest 

How it Works

  1. Discovery & Consulting – Gather and analyze your current tax information and create a mock tax return – no surprises in how much you will owe. 
  2. Roadmap Development – Present side by side scenarios (current situation vs potential situation) and provide recommendations for future ways to save and a better tax outcome.  
  3. Implementation & Ongoing Planning – Implement a forward-looking strategy to maximize future earnings and check in annually for potential changes in your tax situation and/or tax law. 

Why Five Stone?

  • Trust – Winner of the Recognize Good Ethics in Business Award 
  • Effectiveness – We’ve saved our clients $130+ million
  • Value – Our clients see a 3-5x return on their investment in our services
  • Purpose – We donate 33% of profits to charities including Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House, World Vision, International Justice Mission, and The Salvation Army

Why Five Stone?

  • Unique, pay less tax focus
  • Client savings of $130+ million
  • 125 years of experience
  • World class client experience
  • 33% of profits donated to charities

Client Testimonials

“If anyone is looking for an amazing firm to help you this tax season, Five Stone is amazing.”

-Gary, Austin TX

“The way the employees have always been very willing to listen to me and go above and beyond their duties to ensure that they save me every bit of money they could have.”

-John, Hammond LA