Tax Preparation & Planning

The easiest way to handle tax problems is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Tax Preparation

We believe that it pays to have an experienced tax professional prepare your tax returns. A professional tax preparer will eliminate errors or misstatements that tend to happen due to lack of experience or a misunderstanding of the tax process. When a professional prepares your taxes, partial responsibility of that return lie on their shoulders, helping alleviate the need for tax resolution down the road. Our in-house tax preparers will help you get caught up on filing past due tax returns in a timely manner, to ensure a successful tax resolution process.

Tax Planning

In addition to tax preparation, we believe that businesses and individuals can greatly benefit from tax planning to help avoid unnecessary future tax liability. Tax planning is a forward-looking road map that helps you determine the best course of action for your specific tax needs. If you have a complicated tax situation or would like to reduce your future tax liability, give us a call. Our team of knowledgeable tax experts will look at your past years tax returns and create a plan to minimize your tax burden going forward.

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  • Client Savings of $130+ million
  • Most clients settle with the IRS for less than $1,500
  • Aggressive taxpayer advocates
  • 33% of profits donated to charities and non-profit organizations
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