Business Advisory Services: What We Can Do for You.

An introduction to Five Stone’s Business Advisory Services.

For small business owners, the legalities of owning and operating a business might seem daunting and overwhelming. How do I become a legal entity? What operating documents do I need? Have I filed the necessary documents to become a legitimate business? The list goes on and on. At Five Stone, our exceptional team of Business Advisory experts can help to alleviate the legal burden of owning and operating a small business. Leading this team is one Hillary (Henderson) Johnson, MA, Business Advisory Manager and graduate of Texas State’s legal studies program in San Marcos, TX. 

With her Masters in Arts of Legal Studies from Texas State University and a long work history involving business management, Hillary knows the ins and outs of owning and operating a small business. 

Growing up in a family with a small business, Hillary began her extensive work history in restaurant management and compliance. She developed strong work ethic and business accumen at an early age, and assisted in running a local restaurant in Waco for over 15 years. From there she was able to apply these skills in restaurant management for a large corporation and was highly successful leading up to her enrollment in graduate school.

Upon graduation, Hillary was provided with the skills and knowledge necessary to enter the workforce as a practicing paralegal, which is critical to her role here at Five Stone. From filing necessary documents with the IRS and state in order to become a legal entity, to drafting and providing internal business operating documents for small-business owners, Hillary and her team go above and beyond to ensure that your business stays in compliance with state and federal authorities. 

For inquiries regarding Five Stone’s Business Advisory Services, please contact Hillary Johnson. For more information regarding Hillary’s background and the Master of Arts in Legal Studies program, check out page 24 of this article from the Texas State Hillviews magazine.

Whether you are forming your first business, dissolving an entity, or managing your current firm, Five Stone’s associates have the knowledge to assist you in the process. And with the education and background of our fine staff, you can be confident that you, and your business, are protected and preserved. 

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