Could You Qualify for IRS Tax Debt Forgiveness?

Simply avoiding your tax debts and dodging the IRS isn’t the only option if you can’t pay your taxes. In fact, the IRS offers a few options that can reduce your debt, give you more time to pay it, or help you pay it off more feasibly. In some circumstances, you can even wipe your slate clean by paying a small fraction of the amount you owe.

Get the Help You Need

Our tax advisers can help guide you toward the right solutions for your individual tax problems. This could include:

  • Filing an Offer in Compromise – This is an IRS tax debt forgiveness strategy that lets you pay just a fraction of your total tax debt, either in a lump-sum or through small monthly payments over five months.
  • Requesting CNC status – You may be able to file for “currently not collectible” status, depending on your financial situation. This essentially puts your IRS account on hold until you are in a better place to pay.
  • Negotiating a payment plan – You can also negotiate a payment plan that lets your break down your total tax debt into smaller, more manageable pieces over the course of six years.

Lessen Your Tax Burden Today

Don’t let your tax debt get you down. With the help of our expert tax advisers, you can find the right IRS tax debt forgiveness plan for you to lessen your tax burden and make bouncing back financially a breeze. Schedule a free consultation now to get started.

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