Get the Tax Lien Help You Need with Five Stone

Tax liens can be scary. They can mean losing your car, your home or even your business. But when you don’t have the money to pay off your tax debts, what option do you have? Fortunately, Five Stone is here with the tax lien help you need.

Tax Lien Help When You Need it

The good news is a tax lien can be removed, and more than likely, yours can be, too.

Here are the options we have when fighting your tax lien with the IRS:

  • Appealing and removing the lien – To get your lien appealed, we’ll need to prove that the IRS was wrong. Maybe your debt has already been paid, the IRS failed to follow protocol in filing the lien or you were in the process of bankruptcy when it was filed. There are a number of circumstances that may qualify you to have the lien removed.
  • Withdrawing or releasing the lien – A withdrawn lien means it was settled and wiped from your record completely. Your lien can be withdrawn if your debt has been paid off, the lien was wrongly filed or you qualify for the Fresh Start Initiative.
  • Subordination of the lien – This is an option if there is another creditor with rights to a lien on your property or assets.
  • Removing the lien from your credit report – Once your lien has been appealed, withdrawn or released, you can contact each credit reporting agency to contest the lien and get it wiped from your credit. This ensures it won’t impact any future loans or applications for credit.

Are you facing tax liens from the IRS? Worried you may lose your house or car? Let Five Stone take the reins. We’ve been providing tax lien help to the greater Austin area for years, and we’re here to help you, too.

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