Offshore Account Statistics: There’s Nowhere to Run

Did You Know...

• 30 Banking professionals and 68 U.S. account holders – charged with financial crimes related to tax evasion since 2009

• 54 U.S. account holders and 4 banking professionals and 1 financial adviser – pleaded guilty to the charges since 2009

• 5 U.S. account holders – convicted at trial since 2009

Moving Accounts to Another Country Delays the Inevitable

If you have moved your accounts from Switzerland to another country because of an impending investigation, or you’re considering doing so, think twice about it. The IRS and Department of Justice will be moving their investigations around the world until they’ve found all U.S. account holders with undisclosed accounts.

Our advice: get the best possible attorney and CPA team that specializes in International Tax Compliance and Advisory. No matter how deep you’re in it, there’s always a better way out.

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