Property Tax Appeal 2019 (Complete Guide to Travis County, TX)

Filing a property tax appeal in Travis County is becoming more and more common. As Austin, TX, becomes more and more of a Texas hotspot, property and home values start to rise. All too often, this causes property tax burdens to spike, and now, about 80 percent of all Travis County residents are overtaxed.


Think you’re in that 80 percent? Tired of paying more than you should? Here’s what the property tax appeal process looks like here in Austin:

  1. 1.You’ll receive your Notice of Appraised Value in early April, letting you know how much your home’s currently worth. If it’s risen since last year (and it probably has), you should consider protesting it with the county, as this can lower your tax burden.
  2. 2.You’ll have to May 15 to file your property tax appeal. This can be done online, in person at the Travis County Appraisal District or via our easy online form.
  3. 3.The CAD will weigh in on your case. You may be required to attend in-person hearings to present evidence to city officials. (Evidence can include local comparable sales, the deed to your property and other documentation/paperwork.) If you have used our online form, we will handle this process for you.
  4. 4.You’ll await the final verdict on your appeal. If you win, your assessed value will be reduced, as will your tax burden. If you lose, the original assessed value will stand. Losing does not preclude you from protesting again in 2020.

The property tax appeal process in Travis County is actually quite simple – especially if you use our simple, three-minute online form. Just a few pieces of information, and we’ll get started on your appeal right away. We only get paid if you win, so what have you got to lose? Call us at 877-651-8864 to learn more.

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