Receiving Your Property Tax Payment Refund

If you’ve overpaid your property taxes for a previous tax year, you should receive a refund from the tax office. Here’s what you need to know regarding receiving your refund.


The tax office automatically generates refunds no sooner than 60 days after receiving the updated final value.


Your refund check or Refund Application Form will be sent via mail to the mailing address on file with the tax office. All property owners should ensure their mailing address on file is correct and keep an eye out on their mailbox.

  • If you do not escrow your taxes, a check is automatically sent to the owner address on file
  • If you escrow your taxes, a Refund Application Form must be submitted to let the tax office know where to send the refund check. This will likely go to the escrow servicer, but could end up in the owner’s mailbox.
  • The Refund Application Form should not be submitted until the appraisal district has updated the final value in their records.

Sold Property

If you’ve sold your property and are due a refund, you should contact the tax office directly to ensure either your refund check or the Refund Application Form is mailed to your correct address.

Tax Office Contacts

If your property is in Travis County and you have additional questions or concerns, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].

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