So You Have Your Property Tax Assessment. Now What?

You open your mailbox to a letter from your county appraisal district. You cringe. It’s that dreaded property tax assessment that will cost you thousands upon thousands of your hard-earned dollars.

Upon peeling back the envelope, you’re hit with a wave of shock. It’s thousands of dollars higher than last year’s assessment. You can’t afford that. You haven’t saved enough. What can you do?

1. You question it.

How much higher is it than last year’s? Is it higher than your neighbors’ assessments? Is it way off from the price you bought the home at? How about in comparison to what others in the area are selling their homes for? If anything seems amiss, it’s time to investigate. In today’s competitive market, overly high assessments are all too common, so if you think something’s off—it probably is.

2. You start your property tax protest with Five Stone Tax Advisers.

All it takes is a simple, three-minute online form, and we’ll start looking into your property tax assessment right away. 

3. You get your neighbors on board.

Talk to your neighbors about their assessments, and if theirs seem off, too, encourage them to file a protest with us as well. The more neighbors who protest, the better chance your protest has, too

4. You wait to hear from us.

We’ll do all the protest work on your behalf, including attending any hearings, submitting any filings or filling out any paperwork. We’ll let you know when it’s all done.

With our hands-off process and no up-front pricing, there’s truly nothing to lose by protesting your property tax assessment. Fill out our online form today, and we’ll get started on your protest right away.

Five Stone Tax
by Five Stone Tax

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