Thousands of Overtaxed Travis Co.


Five Stone Tax Advisers Uncovers Thousands of Overtaxed Travis Co. Commercial Properties That Could be Eligible for a 7% Reduction

Austin, TX (October 14, 2014) – Five Stone Tax Advisers uncovers that thousands of commercial properties in Travis County, Texas, may be eligible for an additional 7 percent reduction in appraised value. According to an employee of the appraisal district who wished to remain anonymous, the district erroneously used Abilene, Texas, cost multipliers to assess Travis County commercial properties.

The error resulted in an incorrect appraised property value for an unspecified number of commercial properties in Travis County.

Commercial properties valued on the cost method could be eligible for this 7 percent reduction. If you are unsure of the method by which your property is appraised, it is in your best interest to contact a trusted tax adviser to find out.

“It is important for commercial property owners and taxpayers in Travis County to know about this error,” said Five Stone Tax Advisers founder and Senior Property Tax Consultant John Paul Krueger. “The district accidentally over-appraised an unspecified number of properties by 7 percent, a significant amount of money.”

Five Stone Tax Advisers, a tax firm in Austin that specializes in minimizing their clients taxes including: property tax protest, IRS resolution, small business taxation, and international taxation, is available to help commercial property owners in Travis County get their 7 percent refund, if applicable.

Call 512-833-5829 to find out if you’re eligible for the 7 percent reduction, or click below for more information about how we can help.

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