Travis County Homestead Exemption (2019 Complete Guide)

The Travis County homestead exemption allows local homeowners to lower the taxable value of their property and, subsequently, pay less in property taxes as a result.

In order to qualify, you’ll need to have owned and occupied your home since January 1st of the tax year you’re filing for, and you’ll need to apply with the Travis County Appraisal District. Applications are accepted between Jan. 1 and April 30, 2019, and require a copy of your driver’s license and this form. (The address on the license must match the property you’re seeking an exemption for.) Once your home is approved for the exemption, you generally will not need to reapply unless you move properties.

How to File a Travis County Homestead Exemption

Your first step is to fill out this form. You can print it and fill it in, or fill the form in digitally. You may want to have your purchase documents available as you fill out the form, as you’ll need details as to its acreage and other details.

Make sure to choose “General Residence Homestead Exemption,” under Section 3. This is the exemption that all Travis County homeowners are eligible for, as long as they own and occupy the property they are seeking an exemption for.

You’ll then need to:

  • Make a copy of your driver’s license and the licenses of any co-owners or people who will be co-filing taxes with you
  • Mail the form and the copies to Travis County Appraisal District, P.O. Box 149012, Austin TX, 78714-9012. You can also drop the form off at 8314 Cross Park Drive, Austin, TX 78754.
  • Make sure the mail is postmarked by April 30, 2019.

If you’re filing for an exemption on a manufactured home, you’ll also need to include a copy of your statement of ownership (from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs), as well as a copy of your sales purchase agreement.

Keep in mind, you may qualify for additional exemptions on top of the general one. Travis County also offers a Disabled Person Exemption, an Age 65 of Older Exemption and a Disabled Veterans Exemption. You can select any and all for which you qualify. Just make sure to sign the appropriate affidavit at the bottom of the form before sending it in.

Homestead Exemption FAQ

How long does it take? It usually takes the Travis County Appraisal District about six weeks to process a homestead exemption application.

Will I get notified when my application is approved? Because many Travis County homeowners file for the homestead exemption, you will not get a personal notification once your application is processed. You can verify your address has been approved at

Do all owners need to sign the application? If the owners are married, only one must sign the homestead exemption application. If unmarried, all property owners must sign and include a copy of their driver’s license with matching address.

Can I file for a homestead exemption on multiple properties? You can only have one homestead exemption and it must be on your primary residences. Vacation homes and second homes do not qualify for homestead exemptions.

Wondering How to Lower Property Taxes in Travis County?

The homestead exemption is just one way to lower your property taxes as a Travis County homeowner. Filing a tax protest – something we specialize in here at Five Stone – can also significantly lower your tax burden as well. Fill out our quick three-minute form to get started, and we’ll handle the entire process for you. We don’t get paid unless you save.

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