Travis County Property Tax Dispute Season Begins

Five Stone Tax Advisers aid homeowners with incorrect property tax appraisals.

Five Stone’s property tax protest success rate is 8 times greater than individuals who dispute on their own.

Travis County property tax appraisals will be submitted to homeowners today, May 1, marking the beginning of a busy property tax dispute season.

Homes in Travis County are appraised incorrectly every year due to property value changes and the appraisal district’s use of mass appraisal systems. Rising property values in Travis County make for higher property taxes, but have homeowners questioning the validity of these assessments.

Residents have the option to file a dispute or protest to the Travis County appraisal review board to ensure their home has been valued correctly and avoid overpaying property taxes. The deadline for property owners to file a protest with the review board is May 31, or 30 days after a property appraisal has been received. The dispute process involves a series of forms, hearings and extensive market research.

Homeowners looking to save money in this area must act immediately. Five Stone Tax, a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider, is committed to helping homeowners in Travis County dispute unfavorable assessments. Their expertise and inside understanding of the county’s taxpayer rights ensures that homeowners pay the appropriate property tax rate.

When hired prior to June 1, 2013 Five Stone Tax Advisers can thoroughly evaluate property tax appraisals and ensure that homeowners pay the appropriate amounts. Five Stone Tax’s property tax protest success rate is 2.5 times greater than the industry average, and 8 times greater than individuals who dispute on their own.

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