We’ve Got Small Business Tax Services Covered

Small business tax services aren’t all about budgeting, filing tax returns or tracking expenses. In fact, at Five Stone, we don’t focus on those items at all. Instead, our advisers hone in on an area of your tax burden that few business owners think about: Your property taxes.

Located in Central Texas?

If your business is located in Central Texas, re-evaluating your property assessment—and the taxes that assessment will cost you—is crucial, especially in today’s extra competitive market. A whopping 80 percent of property owners in Travis County are overtaxed—meaning there’s an eight out of 10 chance you’re one of them!

We’ve built our small business tax services around property taxes—specifically, lowering them for home and business owners in Central Texas. Our process is:

Easy and hands-off.

We handle everything from the initial research and paperwork down to the in-person hearings at your county’s appraisal district. All you have to do is fill out a simple, three-minute form.


Historically, we’ve got a 90 percent success rate when protesting property taxes—the highest in our industry. We also boast the biggest average reduction in Texas!


Our protest process is easy. There are no up-front fees, and if your protest is unsuccessful, you only pay our service fee. If your protest does triumph, we take a small portion of those savings.

How Much are Property Taxes Costing You?

Take a minute to ask yourself: How much are property taxes costing you every year? What if there was an easy way to try and lower that tax burden? With Five Stone’s small business tax services, there is. Fill out our quick, three-minute form now, and we’ll get started on your property tax protest right away. What do you have to lose?

Five Stone Tax
by Five Stone Tax

Five Stone Tax is America’s trusted tax adviser, offering full-service tax solutions with the goal of making sure all of our clients pay the lowest amount of taxes legally possible. As the most effective tax representation company in America, our team consists of the best Property Tax Consultants, Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents, case managers, and administrators in the industry.

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