International Tax Advisory

Our team of international tax advisory experts helps individuals and business owners navigate complex international tax codes. We have successfully represented clients in more than 40 countries.

U.S. Office: 866-325-9755

We help individuals and businesses with foreign accounts navigate complex international tax codes.

Comprehensive, One-Stop Solution

Our team of CPA’s, tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and paralegals provides a comprehensive solution to your international tax advisory needs. There’s no need to work with multiple firms or work with multiple organizations to resolve tax needs.

Client-base Spanning 40+ Countries

We have successfully represented clients in over 40 countries including Switzerland, England, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, and Israel.

Global Network of Strategic Partners

Our global network of strategic partners gives us the ability to offer a complete solution for international compliance, representation, and planning needs.

Our Specialties

  • Foreign Bank Requirements & Disclosures
  • Multi-year Disclosures – with an extensive track record in Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedure and the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program
  • Exiting U.S. Citizenship – Expatriation Program 
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