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To Software Or Not To Software?

When tax season comes, you’ll probably do an online search for free tax software and more chances than not, you’ll find plenty of free or low-cost options—even the IRS offers free software for certain taxpayers.

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Are Tax Prep Chains the Same as Software?

Did you know that the IRS does not currently have any guidelines for who can prepare your tax returns? That can make it a challenge for the 56% of American taxpayers who hire someone to prepare their income taxes. How can you know you’re getting the expertise you’re paying for?

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Property Tax Protest Season is Here!

The property tax system that Texans know today is vastly different from what it was even a few decades ago. The modern Texas Property Tax Code is full of complex details, most of which have little bearing on the average homeowner. However, there are a few key details that every property owner should know.

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Voluntary Disclosure Of Worker Miss Classification

The IRS has recognized that it would be impossible to catch every taxpayer with outstanding obligations to the IRS. Therefore, when a significant area of noncompliance is determined by the IRS, it uses Voluntary Disclosure Programs (VDP) as a way to entice taxpayers to voluntarily come forward and disclose non-compliance without the fear of criminal prosecution and/or draconian penalties.

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