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American Taxpayers in Israel the next FATCA Target

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of American citizens and holders of permanent residency status in the United States live in Israel. While U.S. citizens are required to file reports with the Internal Revenue Service about their incomes and holdings in foreign banks even if they live abroad, it is thought that large numbers of people who have dual American-Israeli citizenship and live in Israel have failed to do so.

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FedEx Worker Classification Case Sets Precedence

All fifty states have worker classification laws. Most states (like the IRS) will fall back on the common law standards that revolve around behavioral and financial control, in addition to the type of defined relationship at the onset of employment and throughout the employment term.

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OVDP Processes Explained

If you have undisclosed accounts, this filing process becomes even more complicated. Thankfully the IRS has programs, including Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) to help reach compliance.

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Audit Technique Guides

Audit Technique Guides are particularly useful to tax practitioners because they provide a strong foundation when advising clients of audit risk and they point out common areas for mistakes, provide a brief but inclusive overview about typical business practices within a market segment, and are perpetually being updated and changed.

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