What You Need to Know About the Second Round of PPP Loans

Congress recently approved $284 billion for additional Paycheck Protection Program loans. As an extension of last spring’s Paycheck Protection Program, the loan is designed to help small businesses continue to keep employees on the payroll.  Here are a few things you need to know:  

Do You Know Your Tax Deadlines?

April 15th is the date most people think of when it comes to tax deadlines. But what about the deadline to pay your property tax bill? Or the deadline to file your property tax protest? Do you know the tax deadlines that could help you save on taxes?

Questions About My Property Tax Invoice

If you recently received your invoice for Five Stone's Property Tax services and have questions regarding the invoicing process, check out the FAQs below. 

How To Overcome Commercial Property Tax Issues

Travis County has become quite a popular location for business and industry in recent years. As a result, landowners are experiencing a spike in commercial property tax rates. The assessed value for commercial properties in the region rose an average of 16 percent for 2019. If you are a commercial property owner encountering runaway valuation and skyrocketing tax rates, a Five Stone Tax Advisers specialist can help you put on the brakes.

How To Find The Best Tax Attorney For Your Tax Woes

It isn't unusual to worry about taxes, but in some cases, tax woes can be overwhelming. When your problems are severe enough to keep you up at night, it is time to get some professional help. Having rapidly rising taxes and accumulating back taxes can make it hard to keep up. If you are asking yourself, "When do you need tax attorney help," chances are the answer is "right away."

How To Prepare For Your Free Tax Resolution Consultation

Each year, more than $450 billion in federal taxes owed go unpaid, so if you have outstanding state or federal taxes, you are not alone. Our tax resolution attorneys understand the pressure you are under when you get behind in your taxes and have no clear plan for paying your debt. Fortunately, we know how to resolve these difficulties in a timely manner.

How to Find Your Notice of Appraised Value

Here's how to access your Notice of Appraised Value online, in just a few easy steps. 

How To Gain Better Results With Your Property Tax Protest


The Austin area is a great place to call home, but skyrocketing property taxes present significant challenges if you are a homeowner. However, there is relief available. Five Stone Tax Advisers can help you file a tax protest with the central appraisal district office and possibly obtain a property tax reduction on your behalf.

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