A Property Tax Appeal Consultant Can Save You Money

As the holiday season approaches (and with both income and property tax seasons hot on its heels), many of us have started to think up ways to save cash and start funneling away funds. But in the midst of our busy lives, working, cleaning and caring for our families, finding places to cut corners is harder than many of us bargain for.

Property Tax Season is Upon Us; Do You Know Your Deadlines?

Property tax season is now upon us. Are you ready to pay that big bill? More importantly, do you have the funds saved up to do it? Depending on the value of your property, you could owe tens of thousands of dollars in property taxes this year – and if you’re late? Penalties and interest will make that bill even heftier.

What is The Importance Of Tax Planning

It can be hard to plan ahead – especially when you’re busy managing your day-to-day work, home and social life. But while procrastinating on your holiday shopping or forgetting to schedule that oil change might not be a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, the same can’t be said of forgoing tax planning.

Anyone Can Benefit From Property Tax Reduction Services, Eve...

Did you just receive your property tax assessment? Are you balking at the numbers and wondering where you’re going to find that kind of cash? Don’t fret. Whether you own a small townhome or a multi-million-dollar commercial facility, our property tax reduction services can help.

First Time Home Buyers Beware

Congratulations! You’ve found the home of your dreams, budgeted for the monthly payments, and are well on your way to settling into your new investment.  You’ve made it to the end of year one and in the mail comes a surprise… not only do you owe your mortgage company a hefty sum, but your monthly mortgage payments for year two have jumped up well above your budget!  This is the surprise most first time home buyers will get in year two of home ownership in Central Texas.  A good real estate agent can prepare you for these surprises, but your average agent tends to leave this part out.

Should I Move My Investment Properties Into an LLC?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) went into effect on January 1, 2018. Changes to the existing tax law were significant.

How Deed Changes Affect Your Property Tax Exemptions

I can only imagine how difficult and devastating it is for someone to lose his or her spouse. For those of us who haven’t had to experience that grief, we likely know someone who has.

How the New Tax Bill Affects You

The new tax bill became law on December 22nd. Like many laws, some people will be affected more than others. The consequences of the new law will be felt as early as 2017, with some provisions set to start in 2018 and others in 2019. Below are a few of the items that may affect you.

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