Earn IRS CNC Status: How to Overcome Economic Hardship

Sometimes, people simply fall on hard times: paying rent, buying groceries, and keeping the lights on becomes not just difficult, but near impossible. The IRS can often make these trying times even harder: demanding back taxes, imposing fines, and giving you yet another expense that you just can’t afford at the moment. Fortunately, if you can get IRS CNC status, you could push back your deadline to pay by months, or even years.

Could You Qualify for IRS Tax Debt Forgiveness?

Simply avoiding your tax debts and dodging the IRS isn’t the only option if you can’t pay your taxes. In fact, the IRS offers a few options that can reduce your debt, give you more time to pay it, or help you pay it off more feasibly. In some circumstances, you can even wipe your slate clean by paying a small fraction of the amount you owe.

Think You’re Paying Taxes You Shouldn’t? You May Be Eligible...

There are few things worse than owing loads in back taxes—but finding out you owe them because of your former spouse’s mistakes? That takes the cake. Unfortunately, if you and your former spouse filed a joint tax return, you’re on the hook for whatever taxes are owed – and you’re both responsible for penalties if those taxes go unpaid. Luckily, there could be a way out. If certain factors apply to your situation, you may be eligible for innocent spouse tax relief, which takes the burden of your spouse’s tax mistakes off your shoulders.

The IRS is Using Third Party Collection Agencies to Collect ...

In April of 2017, the IRS began using third-party collection agencies to assist in collecting overdue taxes from taxpayers. Here's what you need to know. 

Everything You Need to Know about IRS Passport Revocation

The IRS is getting ready to revoke or deny passports for taxpayers with seriously delinquent tax debts. Here's what you need to know. 

Business Personal Property Tax: What You Need to Know as a B...

It’s easy to assume that anything labeled “personal tax” pertains to taxes only you, as an individual, are obligated to pay. But in reality, personal property taxes can include items owned by a business, too. Referred to as business personal property tax, this is levied on items you use in the course of conducting business — things like office furniture, equipment, tools, computers, fixtures, phones, cash registers, and any other unit you might own that’s worth $500 or more.

Anyone Can Afford Professional Property Tax Consultants

When you’re already facing thousands of dollars in property taxes, the last thing you want to do is tack on another cost, especially that of a professional tax adviser. What if they contest your taxes and fail, and you’re left paying your quadruple-digit taxes, plus thousands in extra consulting fees? Or what if your property tax consultants do win, but all the savings on your taxes just go straight to their pocketbooks?

How to Appeal Property Taxes in Williamson County

 Did you know that 8 out of every 10 Austin-area property owners are overpaying on their property taxes? It’s sad but true. A large part of it has to do with the counties, which use mass appraisal techniques that are far from detailed or exact. Today’s market also plays a big role, driving up prices (and, subsequently, appraised values) as homebuying becomes more and more competitive. But no matter the underlying cause, the truth of the matter is this: Statistically, you’re probably overpaying on your property taxes – and so are your neighbors. 

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