Do Values Matter in Tax Lawyers?

When someone says the word "attorney" or "lawyer", what is the first thing you think about? For some people, the first thing that comes to mind is a sleazy ambulance chaser who would trade his firstborn for a profitable lawsuit.

Commercial Property Tax Protest 2019 (Complete Guide to Trav...

Depending on the size of your building, its value and any additional properties you might own, filing a commercial property tax protest could potentially save you thousands – even tens of thousands – annually.

Property Tax Appeal 2019 (Complete Guide to Travis County, T...

Filing a property tax appeal in Travis County is becoming more and more common. As Austin, TX, becomes more and more of a Texas hotspot, property and home values start to rise. All too often, this causes property tax burdens to spike, and now, about 80 percent of all Travis County residents are overtaxed.

Everything There is to Know About International Tax Services

Whether you’re an Austin TX company with employees across the globe or you’re a Texas professional with foreign accounts, the right international tax services are the key to your financial success.

4 Signs You Might Need a Property Tax Consultant

Tired of giving away half your savings every year when property tax season rolls around? Then it might be time to call a property tax consultant. With their experience, knowledge of the Austin TX market, and familiarity with local tax protest processes, they may be able to get your tax burden lowered and save you cash.

Williamson County Homestead Exemption (2019 Complete Guide)

If you’re wondering how to lower your property taxes, the Williamson County homestead exemption is a great place to start. The exemption affects your home’s taxable value, subsequently lowering your property tax burden every year you live in the home.

Travis County Homestead Exemption (2019 Complete Guide)

The Travis County homestead exemption allows local homeowners to lower the taxable value of their property and, subsequently, pay less in property taxes as a result.

Don't Be a Victim to the IRS Form W-8BEN Scam

If you're an international taxpayer or non-resident alien, beware of a new twist on an old IRS scam where a fake IRS form is used to gather sensitive, personal information. Criminals are using a fake Form W-8BEN, Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting, in attempt to obtain detailed information from these taxpayers in order to gain access to their identity.

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