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IRS Tax Resolution Services

We help individuals and businesses reduce or eliminate the amount of tax debt they owe with a 90% success rate, the highest in the industry.

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Liability: $117,966  Settled for: $588 — Javier | Spring, Texas

Liability: $121,096  Settled for: $2,180 — Stephen | Arlington, Texas

Liability: $20,115  Settled for: $50 — John | Belville, Ohio

Liability: $62,441  Settled for: $50 — Roy | Douglasville, GA

We’re here to advocate for you and give you peace of mind.

Stop aggressive collection activities

We're able to immediately stop collection and begin negotiating with the IRS on your behalf.

Strategically deal with the IRS

If you’re not comfortable dealing with the IRS, our team of experienced, trusted tax professionals work on you behalf for the best possible settlement outcome.

Settle with the IRS for less

We have saved clients more than $60 million in taxes. Most of our clients settle for less than $1,500.

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Five Stone came through with their promise.

— Anthony | Houston, Texas

Thanks for giving me back my peace of mind.

— Lauren | Laveen, Arizona

Our Available Services

If you have an issue with federal or state taxing authorities, we have you covered. Our team of experienced, trusted tax professionals will give you back your peace of mind.

Tax Expert Advice

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